Free iPad air

The iPad air was announced by Apple on November 23, 2013. It was the sixth generation tablet introduced by Apple, but did you know you can get yourself a Free iPad air  without paying a single penny!

So how can you get a Free iPad air you are thinking? It is simple, we have teamed up with Xpango who are the biggest freebies website that have delivered over 500,000 gadgets worldwide, and best of all for free! All you must do is complete 1 offer from a reputable company…. it is actually as simple as that.

The question I ask to you is:

Would you complete 1 promotional offer…
…..Which will contribute to getting your free iPad air?

(I am hoping you said YES! because that is all you must do… easy as that.)

To get your Free iPad air you have to complete a free trial offer. There are a wide range of offer’s from a number of companies you can complete a offer with, to name a few companies their is HSBC, LOVEFiLM, Tesco, Wal-mart and that is ust to name a few. All you must do is complete one of these offer’s from these reputable compnaies and they will pay towards your free iPad air, it is a simple process. The company as a potential customer therefore they pay Xpango commission and with that money they keep 10% and the rest is used to pay towards your free iPad air!

free ipad air


What is the best offer to complete to get my free iPad air?

There are a wide range of offer’s you can complete in order to get yourself a Free iPad air. The offer I would recommend to U.K customers is the LOVEFiLM offer. This offer is a free offer where you signup to the 14 day free trial and you MUST place a order for one DVD in order for the offer to be approved, it’s simple as that!

If you are from the USA/Canada or another country don’t worry their are dozens of other offer’s that I would recommend. The fastest tracking and best offer would be the Little bid tasty offer, to complete this offer you must deposit £10 and place a cash bid, it’s really that easy, and that will contribute towards your free iPad air!

Great so now you have completed your offer to get your iPad air, the offer will take 14 days to be approved, but usually takes 3 days. Once it has been approved hit the “place order” button and your brand new Apple iPad air will be delivered directly to your front porch, and the best thing is it will be for FREE! I promise you will not have to pay a single cent and all your friends and family will want to get in the act and grab their own iPad air! If you do not want a iPad air you can get a free iPhone 5s or maybe a PS4. Do not wait click here to sign up now! Sign up now!.